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Virus Prevention strategy

The most prevelant way virus spread is by email. We have a program we call vwall to help with that. If you are interested in the $1 a month solution please check below.

Some tips to help you stay virus free

  • Don't download or install a program from a web site you don't know and trust.
  • Don't download anything from peer to peer programs like Kazaa or Morpheous without scanning it
  • Set your email client's "auto-preview" mode to off. See the clients help on this
  • Get our virus wall
  • Get a free scanner like ClamAV, Grisoft, or a commercial one like PC-cillin or Norton. These are just a start and we don't endorse them. Try a google search for a ton more.

Virus Wall

Signing up for the Virus Wall will assure you that your email's received through our servers is as virus free as possible. We use the latest technology and update our virus profiles every hour.

Just some of the things the Virus Wall can protect you from:

  • Harmful viruses that might:
    • Damage your hard drive
    • Cause loss of data
    • Cause associates, family, or friends to get the virus and suffer its consequences
    • Send everyone that you currently either have in your address book or have received mail from to be sent the virus
    • Send private documents at random to people.
    • Cause you to reformat your computer and reinstall all software
  • Hidden file extensions that may contain harmful programs
  • Programs designed to exploit specific bugs in the email software you run
  • Virus' or harmful programs sent as attachments
  • Many other exploits to numerous to mention, literally tens of thousands

Some of the things Virus Wall won't do:
  • Protect mail comming from some other source like your yahoo mail account
  • Keep you from getting a virus from some direct source like a floppy or cdrom
  • Stop you from downloading a virus directly from a web site, Kazaa, or the like


Virus Wall is offered at the low price of $1.00 per month per account for regular account access. If you have more than one address all addresses will be covered for that low monthly fee.

If you host your domain with us and wish to have every address in that domain protected the fee is $25.00 per year to be billed with your annual renewal.

To Sign Up

To sign up for this great service either call our support staff listed on the contact page or send us an email to one of the addresses listed there.

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