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Wed, February 04 2004 11:51 AM

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thunderbird setup

Thunderbird has a wizard that steps you through the setup process. We will outline the steps to complete that wizard here.

  1. After installation click the Thunderbird icon on your desktop.
  2. wizard The "New Account Setup Wizard" will start
  3. type of account Click Email account then click Next.
  4. identity Enter account information
    1. Your name: The information entered in this box will show in the recipients email client as the sender of the email
    2. Email Address: This is your email address in full. ie: user@wtxs.net
    3. Click next when finished
  5. Server Information Enter server settings
    1. Incoming server type Select either POP or IMAP. We support both
    2. Incoming Server Enter mail.wtxs.net
    3. Outgoing Server Enter mail.wtxs.net
    4. Click Next to continue
  6. user names Enter your user name without the domain part here. ie, user not user@wtxs.net
  7. Account Name This field is for your reference. You can accept the default or enter Texas Comm. Click Next
  8. Congradulations If you are connected to the net you may leave the "download messages now" box checked. Otherwise, uncheck it. Click Finish when ready.
  9. Password When you check mail for the first time it will request your password. Enter it when requested and if desired, check the save password checkbox to keep from reentering the password each time. You are done.
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